What We Do for You- THE TEACHER

You have questions? We have answers.

Our pledge to the teacher is to ensure your placement and contract are completely legitimate. We only partner with schools/organisations that pass our rigorous background checks. If we see ANY red flags, we DO NOT do business with that school or organisation. You can rest assured that you are in good hands. After all, we've been through the process you'll be going through ourselves. That's our GUARANTEE to you.


Great. You have a job- Now what? You have questions- We have answers!!

Below is an outline of the usual process from your hiring until you start your job.

  • Your application/interview is successful
  • Get a contract (or a letter of job offer which precedes the contract)
    • read through and sign- Now you have a secured position
  • Begin to collect necessary documents to obtain your visa
    • In most cases:
      • Police criminal background check
      • Original university degree
      • Original TEFL/TESL/TESOL certificate (if applicable)
      • Medical check (if applicable)
      • Any other forms such as a letter of consent for us to start the visa process
    • In other cases the visa may be obtained in China at the discretion of the applicant's credentials and the schools' policies. 
  • Get original documents stamped by embassy/consulate (Note: they must be translated to English or local language of the country you will work in by a licensed translation service) and send us scanned copies.
  • Get invitation letter from school which you will give to embassy/consulate along with your passport to get your visa.

  • Book your ticket and pack your bags!!


What services do we offer you?

  • We will check your credentials and interview you on behalf of the school
    • during the interview we will talk about exactly what you want and find a job that most closely matches your needs.
  • We interview, hire, and provide a contract


  • We make a recommendation to the school to hire you

  • We negotiate salary

    • Note: In some cases, this may be limited or impossible

  • We help you understand your contract and answer all your questions to the best of our ability

  • We help you get all your documents in order

  • We will prepare you for living in another country

    • Cultural awareness

    • How to understand and combat culture shock

    • Things you'll need to bring with you

    • *Basic language training (Currently only available for Korean & Spanish)

    • Whatever else you need

  • We will help you book a ticket (Note we do NOT pay for the ticket. Ticket payment depends on the terms of your contract).


Now I'm at my school. Are you done helping me?


We will help you adjust and handle any problems you have to the best of our ability. We will stay in frequent contact for the first 2 months of arrival at your school. After that, you can always contact us anytime.


What are the risks?

There are risks in anything we do. What we can PROMISE is that you will be signing a contract with a legitimate and government (country of employment) approved school. We will ensure that you get a visa that allows you to stay to work in the country of employment.

Once you start working, there is always going to be an adjustment period (which we will be there to help you through). There will be things to get used to. Every detail may not be exactly what you had in your head. Hopefully they will be better, but we have to allow for this adjustment period. Remember- you will be in a different country and you should not expect it to be the same as home.


What do we get out of it?

Yes. We are a business. We contract with organisations to find teachers. Yes, we do get paid by the school or organization. This pay in no way comes from you or out of your salary. However, there is risk to us as well. If we hire and send a teacher that does not live up to the school's expectations or a teacher who leaves before contract completion, we do not get paid AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, it damages our reputation both for providing qualified, reliable teachers to schools and to prospective teachers. That being said, you can feel confident that we are not the proverbial "Human Traffickers of Teachers". Trust us, after all we're trusting you, too.


Why do I have to deal with recruiters and not the school directly?

Most schools outsource their hiring to recruitment firms who have the experience and knowledge to screen, interview, and select a good teacher. Think of it like an office building where it is more efficient to outsource a cleaning company than to have in house janitors. In most cases, the school makes the final decision on hiring, but usually follow our recommendation. Recruiters also help you through the process from interview to starting your job. We are a liaison between you and the school who know the procedures and policies of the school and can ensure there is no confusion due to language or cultural barriers. After all- we've been through this process ourselves!


A note about China:

It should be noted that as a communist country, the Chinese government may change immigration and visa rules at anytime unilaterally with little or no notice. Practices can vary from province to province and even from embassy to embassy. Just remember, government policy changes are completely out of our control and we can not be held responsible.