How much do things cost in China? How much will I be able to save?

These are good questions and good information to have before deciding on a job. See below to get examples of expenses. These prices are based on Beijing. Outside of Beijing, costs will be lower. 

Remember: You can live cheaply by eating local food. Western food can cost a lot more and reduce your savings.


  • Can of pop: $0.30 USD 
  • Pack of cigarettes: $0.90 USD 
  • Subway fare: $0.30 - $1.20 USD 
  • Taxi Fare: $5.00 – 10.00 USD 
  • Big Mac Combo meal: $2.50 USD 
  • Regular Chinese Combo: $2.00 USD 
  • Groceries Milk (1 litre) RMB 17
  • Dozen eggs RMB 16
  • Loaf of white bread RMB 15
  • Rice (1kg) RMB 7
  • Cappuccino RMB 30
  • Bottle of beer RMB 20
  • Three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant RMB 200
  • Uncapped ADSL Internet per month 130 RMB
  • Utilities (average per month for standard household for electricity, gas, water etc.) 400 RMB



Example Cost of Living & Savings

This is based on one person. Fun assumes 2 nice restaurants/month & 10 bottles of beer. All costs in RMB. You could save 5350-8,350RMB/month using this example.