Why Teach in China

China is bursting with opportunities to teach ESL. Being the world’s fastest growing economy, the

Chinese government has put a major focus on learning English! ESL RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS

CANADA, is proud to offer you a fantastic opportunity to travel and explore this beautiful country

while earning a great salary. With the cost of living a lot cheaper, ESL offers a great opportunity to live

a comfortable life style while saving money! ESL RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS CANADA has

numerous job opportunities throughout China.

Culture Shock in China

What is culture shock? 

Culture Shock is the feeling you have when you spend a lot of time in a new country away from your home. As every country has different traditions, manners, and ways of doing things, people often have a negative reaction. Culture Shock can include feelings like homesickness, loneliness, helplessness, misunderstanding, and a general feeling of being lost. In many cases, people miss food from their home country or have a hard time making friends. Don't worry. These feelings are normal and most everyone experiences some culture shock.